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Google Glass Partners with Luxottica

Wearable technology is here to stay. It means the tech needs to look better and Google Glass definitely needs a makeover. Google just announced that they will partner with Luxottica. They will put together a team to “design, develop and … Continue reading

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Protos Eyewear

Protos Eyewear is a 3D printed eyewear company located in San Francisco. They just launched a crowd funding campaign. The frames are: ∙ Tailored Fit – The team has developed advanced software which allows them to select and alter the design … Continue reading

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Sustainable Eyewear Case on Kickstarter

On the 22nd of May Bespoke Trading Co launched a first of it’s kind glasses case that is completely sustainable and made from only one piece of 100% Australian Wool. Folded together with two cross­stitchings and a reclaimed leather strap. Nothing is … Continue reading

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How it feels (through Google Glass)

How it feels to use the Google Glass. To take a photo you just say “OK, Glass” to activate the headset and then say “take a picture”. Amazing! Photo from here.

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Oculus Rift – A Virtual Reality

    Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset designed specifically for video games. It will change the way you think about gaming forever. With an extemly wide field of view, high resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, … Continue reading

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The Making of an Ørgreen Frame

Ørgreen is a really cool and unique brand from Denmark. Remember our previous post about their press event here in Stockholm? Now we’re happy to introduce you behind the scenes of their manufacture, which is quite amazing. Enjoy the movie!

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DD01 MYKITA Damir Doma

Designer Damir Doma and the eyewear brand MYKITA teamed up during a thee year project for the DD01. The DD01 is using a mix of fine materials such as stainless steel and warm natural horn wich resembles Damir Doma’s collection using coarse, stiff … Continue reading

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