New Releases from Ray-Ban with a twist

I love new releases! Specially when they comes with a new twist, like this ones below:

Ray-Ban‘s Signet RB3429 and Round Metal RB3447 are two classic sunglasses from Ray-Ban. Signet has it roots from the 70’s and Round Metal from the 80’s. Today, you can find them in a renewed version with soft faded lenses. We see more and more faded lenses, big like.

RB3447 112/32 “Round Metal”

RB3429 02 “Signet”

I like that the lenses aren’t dark as G15. With this faded lens you can have a conversation without being impolite, as your friend is able to see your eyes trough the lenses.

Giorgio Armani

This year Giorgio Armani launched a great collection, probably the best ever. Below you find some of my favorites. GA823 TEN

GA828 5H5

GA863 04G


I like the combination of metal and acetate. It gives the shape a thin and cool look, and besides they have adjustable nose pads which often gives the frame a better fit. More metal frames to the people!







Small Paul by Paul Frank

For the kiddos…

Paul Frank has launched “Small Paul”, which is a collection for all the cool kids around the world. The shapes are very fun and the prices are very friendly. Real sunglasses is an important (and fun) investment for your children’s eyes.

Btw! This autumn, they will also launch ophthalmic eyewear for the children. From what I’ve heard, it will be look-a-likes of Paul Franks regular eyewear. So, very soon your kids will be able to match their glasses with yours!


MYKITA has always been a great brand with high-quality products. Now, they’ve gone a step further and launches their latest collection “MYKITA LUXE”.

MYKITA LUXE is – as MYKITA themselves called it – “the connoiseur’s glasses of choice”.

The collection contains six retro shapes, re-editions of popular classics dating back to the first half of the 20th century, and completed by two contemporary shapes.

They’re all made of high-quality stainless steel, which is coated in “White Gold or Platinum. The materials has been carefully selected, whereof the natural horn of the temple and nose pads is supplied by Germany’s most reputable manufacturer of horn products. The horn has positive properties that have traditionally made it an excellent choice for spectacle frames, as it is extremely skin-friendly and has a warm, individual and natural look.

Snowboarding, Skate and Music

Some cool sunglass went to picnic this summer…

Above you can see two skate brands that offer cool eyewear in a true skate style. MONOKEL is a Swedish brand, founded by two young guys: Fredrik and Robert. The heart and soul of the company stems from snowboarding, skateboarding and music. Even 9five acclaime skate and music, no wonder the DJ’s from The Soul Lounge choose to wear their sunglasses!