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Streetstylers is a swedish blog written by Rami and Sonya. Rami is a great photographer and Sonya a great styler, which is why they do a great team at The blog offers pictures of people from the street but also arranged photo sessions with different models, sometimes fashion bloggers.

In this picture you see beautiful Fanny Lyckman who has the blog I Am Fancy. Go watch the awesome pictures!

I’m actually really proud of Sweden’s Fashion knowledge, we have so many talented young people in this country. Big up for that!

Salt. Optics

Salt. Optics is a California based eyewear brand. They’ve made very classic frames of the best materials and great quality since 2006 but with a lot of experience. The frames are handmade in Japan, which means excellent quality in both acetate and metals. The shapes and colors are simple yet great.

The Yates is a new thin 60’s inspired frame yet modern. It has custom décor rivets, the colors are special yet subtle like the matte black or the asphalt gray going from almost black to transparent gray.

On the Street, Drottninggatan

Yesterday Mats Almegård interviewed Barbara and I for Swedish Trade Magazine Optik about why we started blogging about eyewear. The Inteview will be published in the November issue. So we took the opportunity of asking him some questions about himself:

Mats is editor of the Optik Magazine and he also has a radio show about electronic music on Swedish Radio P2 called Ström. Right now he’s making a film about electronic music where they’ve interviewed many artist who’ve made different types of electronic music since the 50’s until today. It’ll be shown in June 2012.