Pimp my Sunglass

(Photo taken by Sara Saturday, check out her blog here)

Molly Abrahamsen wearing this lovely sunglass she has pimped herself! A secondhand-sunglass with some plastic diamonds, boom! It gives me the idea of doing quite the same.

Do you have some nice eyewear you’ve pimped yourself? 

Ceramic Sunday

Ceramic sunday part 3 – Eyewear. We played with ceramic and made eyewear of it!

Next week we’ll continue the work, stay tuned ;).

Oliver Peoples MP-2 (Limited Edition)

I’m in love with these wonderful frames from Oliver Peoples! They have relaunched a modified version of the classic MP-2 (the original came in smaller sizes). They’re all made in the old factory situated in Japan, and are therefore of a great quality. The collection also offers a clip-on  in the same style. This is perfection.