This lovely acetate frame just arrived from MYKITA! Elizabeth is a smaller frame for all you petite ladies with lots of character!


New Lindberg!

The new Lindberg frames reacently arrived! Some are super new and some are new sized and colors. I love the lightness of Lindberg frames.

If you have a problem with acetate frames not sitting well on your nose try Lindberg! They all have nosepads and the nosepads can be changed into larger, smaller, hard or silicone so there should be a pair that fits YOU!

Lindberg Acetate 1014 in two new colors; a beautiful transparent turquise and a three layered soft gray for this stylish round frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1145 is a new  large thin cat shaped frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1011 comes in a new transparent gray color.

Kirsten is a new Rim frame that has a soft feminine version of an aviator. Classy and modern. We chose a pink gold color for this frame but you can choose from about 60 (!) different colors. I really like the hinge made of titanium treads wired around each other. It’s durable, stylish and well made.

At the Bazaar…Kerman, Iran

When I was in Kerman, Iran I visited the old Bazaar of Kerman. It’s a beauutiful and historical place I like to visit. At the Bazaar of Kerman you can study old Middle Eastern architecture, see the old Ganjali Khan Hamam and buy typical handicrafts of Kerman such as copper goods as they are made.

At an antique store I saw the wellmade pince-nez in 14 K gold. I kindof regret that I didn’t buy it while I had the chance.

Algha Savile Row Round in Shiny Gold.

I was in Kerman, Iran

I was recently in Kerman, Iran where I hung out with my family.

I visited an optician which I’ll post about soon.

In Iran women have to wear a scarf to cover their hair and I actually feel like I’m Audrey Hepburn when I put on the scarf and sunglasses.

More pictures to come!


News from Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight, son of Larry Leight (founder of Oliver Peoples), is new in the eyewear business as a designer, but has already designed a lot of different frames that have been success!

Below you find one of his newest frames, named “Altair”:

…and they come in this beautiful eyewear case:

Vasuma Cotiara

Do you remember Vasumas bestseller “Egg Eater”? Now you can get the “new” Egg Eater in an acetate version, called Cotiara. I like this one a lot. The fit is very good and the acetate is thin and it comes in interesting colors.