Bonocle – Your Eyewear Blog!

Bonocle.com was founded on February 6th 2011 by Barbara Canales and Jasmin Yaya and is now the world’s biggest independent Eyewear Blog. On May 2012 Bonocle also launched the world’s first exclusive Online Store focused on limited edition eyewear: http://bonocle.tictail.com/

Jasmin has been in the eyewear business since 2006. After working as an Optometrist for several years, she studied the Digital Data Strategy Program at Hyper Island and is now a Digital Data Strategist at a communication agency in Stockholm.

Barbara has been in the eyewear business since 2008. After having graduated in international sales and marketing, Barbara took work as freelancer for MYKITA in Berlin. Shortly after Barbara was recruited to work with PR & marketing at Oscar Magnuson in Stockholm.

They both share an interest for high quality and are passionated about independent eyewear brands. Barbara and Jasmin met each other for the first time at an optician in Stockholm called Bågar & Glas, where they both worked at the time. They became very close friends and 6 month later Bonocle was founded.

Bonocle is the world’s biggest independent eyewear blog.

Barbara and Jasmin at their celebration party May 18th 2012.