3 Bonocle Favorites from Ray-Ban

As some of you might know by now, Bonocle simply loves mirror lenses! Last week I posted a blog post of me sporting the cool Ray-Ban mirror aviator, today we’re showing you our three favorite pieces form the current Ray-Ban collection.

The Aviator!

The never dying aviator in happy, cutting edge colours!Ray-ban favorite Bonocle pieces of 2013Ray-ban favorite Bonocle pieces of 2013 Mod number: RB3025

Colors: Green (112/19), Red (112/69) and Blue (112/17)

The Clubmaster!

Another never dying model! This time in a perfect match of summer colours. Ray-ban favorite pieces of 2013Mod number: RB3025
Colour: Beige/Orange with blue mirror lenses (110116)


I think we all had enough of the wayfarer at this point. For you seeking for something in that style but in a updated version – go for Erika. Thinner, more feminine, yet classic. Ray-ban favorite Bonocle pieces of 2013Model number: RB4171
Colour: Matte brown/nude

There is a male version of ERIKA, called CHRIS. Very nice as well!

Obsession: Mirror lenses from Ray-Ban

mirror lenses by Ray-Ban

When I went to San Francisco I visited a very nice optical store close by Union Square with an amazing selection of glasses. I fell in love with these from Ray-Ban, which apparently you can get with your prescription and still the exact same mirror coating(!).

SO cool! I really want this, but sadly enough I found out it’s only possible to get in the US and not in Europe (yet). Maybe it’s possible to do it directly via Ray-Ban? If anyone of you know how I can get a pair of these sunnies with my prescription, looking exactly the same, please let me know!

IMG_4278 IMG_4276

Blue or orange? Both!


Barton Perreira – Sunglass // MIDO 2012

Meet wonderful Barton Perreira!

Few eyewear brands succeed with all models in their collections. Barton Perreira does. At MIDO I had a look at the whole new collection and was amazed of all the great shapes one single eyewear brand can come up with.

In the collection you will find classic, very refined and well done round shapes, such as this one:

Also, you will find more feminine and luxurious shapes, such as this one below (this is my favorite). I love the retro-luxury look of this sunglass! The enamel is amazing!

Even the classic aviator will be available, in an elegant version called “Mitchell”. By combining acetate with metal details, the classic aviator gets a lux sports look. Very masculine and good looking.