SALT. Optical

Amazing color combination by Salt, well known for their classic shapes made of the finest acetate.

I love to see new acetate versions of tortoise, like this color from Salt named “vintage blue tortoise”. Big up!

Thanks to Ryan Bowling from Black Optical for the great photo. Follow him on instagram for nice eyewear updates: @rmbowling

Blue Lenses

There is something about blue lenses, and some have even made it their hallmark. Colored or tinted lenses definitely make your glasses unique!


1. Bono. Photo from here.
2. Steve McQueen in Persol 714 from the movie “Thomas Crown Affair” in 1968. Photo from here.
3. Katy Perry in MYKITA Moncler Achille at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Photo from here.
4. Ozzy Osbourne in his round blue-tinted glasses. Photo from here.
5. Johnny Depp in something else than his usual Moscot Lemtosh. Photo fro here.

Barton Perreira X Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony

Photos: Opening Ceremony

Oh, so adorable!

These over sized, perfect circle, sunglasses have a very carefree glamorous 70’s look that i really love and are avaliable in pechy pink or blue with a heart on each lens in a lighter shade. Not only do they look amazing, there’s a story behind them as well.

Chloë Sevigny got together with Barton Perreira when designing sunglasses for Opening Ceremony. The three models are all inspired by Andy Warhol’s superstar Candy Darling from the documentary Beautiful Darling. These round ones are named after the actress Candy herself.


(Photo from TVtropes)

MYKITA has a wonderful frame in their collection named “Ingrid”, which actually is named and inspired by Ingrid Bergman. This is one of my favorite frames from MYKITA! It’s slightly oversized but still feminine and elegant. Just like Ingrid Bergman, a classic beauty.

Here are some pictures of the frames that I took a while ago. I love the meeting between classic shapes and various colors.

The red one is definitely my favorite, since I love red details!