Meet C.W. DIxey & Son Eyewear

C.W. Dixey & Son is a prestigious brand with a long history. Established in London 1777, worn by some of the worlds most influential people such as Churchill and Napoleon among several royalties from England and Sweden over the years, C.W. Dixey & Son is a brand with unique history and heritage. The company is today still going strong keeping its values by remaining an independent family business.

All frames are handmade in France, focused on quality and exclusivity with an understated elegance. The current collection “Chartwell” finds its inspiration in the frames ¬†created for Sir Winston Churchill for many years ago. The 8 models which constitutes the Chartwell collection comes in three classical colors: black, dark tortoise and light tortoise. Both shapes and color settings are true to the history and in a true classical spirit you get your C.W. Dixey & Son eyewear together with an elegant handmade leather case.

On the Beach… Goa, India

I had a great vacation in India! We went to Palolerm in Goa, which really is a paradise. Unfortunately not in an Eyewear perspective, though – most of the tourists wore fake Ray-Bans… except for one man from Canada, who is a great eyewear fan and had wonderful sunglasses that he’d bought in New York.

The brand name of the sunglasses is called Harpers, a british company established 1978 by an optometrist. And, at THIS website you can order bespoke custom handmade frames or a reproduction of any vintage frame, handmade from the same factory as the Harpers where made!