Leisure Society

Shane Baum has been in the eyewear business for 20 years. He is the president of Baum Vision, former designer for Louis Vuitton Eyewear and¬†current designer of Paul Frank Eyewear, just to mention a few things.¬†Needless to say he has exceptional taste in luxurios quality items. Mr. Baum’s new baby is Leisure Society.

Leisure Society is an high-end handmade luxury eyewear brand with both an optical and a sun collection.

The frames are tastefully detailed with etchings and they look rich, not in the bling way, rather in an “old money”-style. The sun collection holds exceptional quality where the lenses are 99.9% distortion-free and has a 12-layer anti-reflectiong coating. As an optometrist i think the lens quality is important but often times not thought of when buying expensive sunglasses. Of course the price is set even higher when the frames are wrapped in 12 k, 18 k and 24 k gold. Think of these frames as something that will last a lifetime, perhaps to be handed on to the next generations.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful video. Would you like to join their world too?


Photo: Leisure Society


If you want to look good you aren’t limited to a pair of glasses. Instead you could use something like this..

Binoculars are very beautiful and classy. I think that more people should consider wearing a pair of these. Besides, it’s perfect for the theatre, not only to see well, but also get into the right mood.

How do you feel about binoculars?