Introducing MYKITA for BONOCLE


We’re so happy to finally introduce a special project we’ve been working on for months: MYKITA for BONOCLE!

We are very proud to present a limited edition of the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm model „Janis“. Exclusively available now via Bonocle in a limited edition of 10 pairs with special colours, chosen by us: matt-silver with violett gradient sun lenses from Carl Zeiss.

This is a true Bonocle style!

Stay tuned for the whole story and product pictures.

The product will be launched on our Online Store THIS WEEK.

Blue Lenses

There is something about blue lenses, and some have even made it their hallmark. Colored or tinted lenses definitely make your glasses unique!


1. Bono. Photo from here.
2. Steve McQueen in Persol 714 from the movie “Thomas Crown Affair” in 1968. Photo from here.
3. Katy Perry in MYKITA Moncler Achille at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Photo from here.
4. Ozzy Osbourne in his round blue-tinted glasses. Photo from here.
5. Johnny Depp in something else than his usual Moscot Lemtosh. Photo fro here.