SILMO 2012 // Triwa

Swedish Triwa displayed their collection at Silmo in Paris this fall. They’ve chosen really nice colors for their acetate frames! Read more about Triwa here.

Right now we have really nice leather sunglass traps from Triwa at our Online Store!

I really like the backlit tables.

This one works great as both optical and sunglasses! Here you can see Triwa’s colored templetips. FUN!

Hello my dear!


MYKITA showed such a great collection at the SILMO fair in Paris this October!

Cool new colors such as matte red, green and cobalt blue, accent colors such as neon pink and violet combined with large round shapes is a hit!

Barbara Canales in matte red sunglasses from MYKITA.

I really love the shape and thickness of this frame!

Super ultra thin and light – yet durable!

It’s fun to have a splash of a bold color and it works really well when it’s this thin!

A new acetate color, here you can really see the transparent parts which I love about it!

Classic double brigde.

Amazing cobalt blue color! I want to see these in clear lenses!

Lovely matte pinkish violet.

Barton Perreira

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses with a thin acetate texture in a classic style but with a unique touch I would recommend you to take a look at Barton Perreira.

They offer a lot of classic shapes in interesting colors. Some of my favorites: 

You don’t need to have a crazy eyewear to be unique. Something that simple as a interesting color can do the job as well!


We had the chance of looking at the newest of the newest MYKITA sun collection. Now we really can’t wait for the sun to come back!

MYKITA is an übercool Berlin based eyewear brand making really comfortable sunglasses with excellent quality and durability. The metal frames are really light as they’re cut out out of a  superthin sheat of steel and then milled into the right shape – this in combination of the screwless contruction (screws usually unscrew themselves) gives the MYKITA  frames a very unique look and feel.

Lately we’ve seen lots of round retro-style shapes and colorful sunglasses in general from all eyewear brands! MYKITA interprets this in a very modern and sleek way:

For all of you who love colorful sunglasses!

This feminine shape is lovely.

Transparent acetate shifts in color in the sunshine. COOL!

Very tasteful glasses for the gentlemen. Notice the superthin gold bottom rim.

OH! The shape, colors and matte texture! These are really fun!

The shading of this lens is exquisite. Notice the hinges on this acetate frame.

This oversized cat eye shape’s color reminds me of lolly pops

MYKITA has a collaboration with Uslu Airlines, offering three different colors for you to match your aviators with your nail polish! We like!