Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, pseudonym for Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, the famous French-Swiss architect and artist known for contibuting to what is called “Modern Architecture”. He was very loyal to one type of frame, in fact that type of glasses are called Le Corbusier or “Architect frames”.

This type of frame has lots of character, is bold and simple. A great feature is that even strong prescriptions look great in a round think frame like this. Frames inspired by the Le Corbusier frame:

 Cutler And Gross 870

Cutler And Gross 1025

Epos Milano Oan

Oscar Magnuson Davide

Lindberg 1021

l.a. Eyeworks Pocket

Matte VS Polished

Lately we’ve seen lots of matte acetate frames. This frosty texture adds an extra dimension to the frame and gives it a complete new look. It softens the dark colors and feels very comfortable against the skin. Take a look!

Oliver Peoples Wacks in Matte Red Havanna

Oliver Peoples Wacks in Sandalwood – you can clearly see the difference, right?

A few matte frames. Front to back: Theo Bonne in Matte Black, Oliver Peoples Wacks in Matte Red Havanna, Oliver Peoples Albert J in Matte Black and Cutler & Gross 1012 in Matt Dark Turtle.