SUNGLASS WEEK 2012 – Yellowish / Bottle Green

What a classic combo: Yellowish acetate frame with bottle green lenses!

Here are my favorites:

Clockwise from the top: Epos Venere, Garrett Leight Kinney, Epos Argos, Oliver Peoples Vintage O’Malley.

Barton Perreira Ribisi in Champagne/Vintage Green Lens

All sunglasses from Lunettes Shop. From the front:
Voyage Voyage & Noblesse from Lunettes Kollektion, Players 276 (Vintage)


Today we’re presenting round shades and as you might know by now Jasmin and I really love round glasses.

This year almost every brand has a round shade in their collection, which made it difficult for us to choose. But here is a sample of the coolest round shades! 

Cutler & Gross 0736 C:WS

Ray-Ban 5154 2012

Oscar Magnuson 8910 9501

Moscot Miltzen Crystal

Oscar Magnuson 8912 9202

Epos Nyx TN

E&E Falsterbo Sköldpadd

Graz Joel 011-7


Spring is here!

This week Bonocle will feed you with a lot of inspiration! Each day we will present a specific style of sunglasses, check it out!

Monday – Colorful!

Today we present colorful sunglasses. I think that everyone should have a colorful pair of sunglasses, to complement all these classic styles. A splash of color can really make difference. So why don’t you add some color this summer?

Marni “180” 02

E&E “Båstad” Orange

Barton Perreira “Heiress” sca/smt

Oscar Magnuson “8910” 9408

Cutler & Gross “0935” IB

Vasuma “Keelback” K4

Epos “Polluce” HO

Bonocle recommend you to put on some color this summer!

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, pseudonym for Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, the famous French-Swiss architect and artist known for contibuting to what is called “Modern Architecture”. He was very loyal to one type of frame, in fact that type of glasses are called Le Corbusier or “Architect frames”.

This type of frame has lots of character, is bold and simple. A great feature is that even strong prescriptions look great in a round think frame like this. Frames inspired by the Le Corbusier frame:

 Cutler And Gross 870

Cutler And Gross 1025

Epos Milano Oan

Oscar Magnuson Davide

Lindberg 1021

l.a. Eyeworks Pocket