On the Street… Swedish Midsummer

My friends Helena and Mie celebrating midsummer in Sweden

Mie wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Helena wearing Ray-Ban Aviator with faded lenses

Every year we welcome the summer in Sweden by celebrating the traditional Midsummer. If you ever get the chance to celebrate this tradition in Sweden you should really do it. It’s definitely a one of a kind celebration with lot of weird funny things, like dancing like frogs and eating crude fish. This year I’d a typical Swedish Midsummer with my friends in Österslöv. Above you can see two of my friends, wearing a summerlook which they perfectly match with a pair of ray-bans classical sunglasses. 

New Releases from Ray-Ban with a twist

I love new releases! Specially when they comes with a new twist, like this ones below:

Ray-Ban‘s Signet RB3429 and Round Metal RB3447 are two classic sunglasses from Ray-Ban. Signet has it roots from the 70’s and Round Metal from the 80’s. Today, you can find them in a renewed version with soft faded lenses. We see more and more faded lenses, big like.

RB3447 112/32 “Round Metal”

RB3429 02 “Signet”

I like that the lenses aren’t dark as G15. With this faded lens you can have a conversation without being impolite, as your friend is able to see your eyes trough the lenses.