Many Ways of Ray-Ban Wayfarer

There are many ways to wear the classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Be inspired:

KA-POW! Elin Kling, Swedish fashion blogger and Fashion Director at Style by Kling.
Photo: Elin Kling

Madonna in 1983 in Bausch & Lomb made Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Found this photo via Silver Lining Opticians.

Kenza, fashion blogger and TV host in Sweden. Photo: Kenza

Michael Jackson’s trademark sunglasses. This photo is from his “Bad Era” 1987-1989 and was found here.

IMFANCY is Fancy!

(Photo from:

The other day we mentioned the beautiful and creative Fanny Lyckman, the blogger of  “imfancy” in our post about Streetstylers (HERE). Now we do it again! Why? First of all, you should really read her blog. Amazing photos of herself wearing cool outfits. Second of all, she seems to be secretly in love with awesome sunglasses, as the ones featured in this photo. Whats not to like?

Thom Browne New York

An evening on a rooftop in beautiful Paris I had the opportunity of seeing Thom Browne‘s first eyewear collection.

Thom Browne is a New York based fashion designer. His suits look a littel bit awkward consisting of pants so short they show the sockless ankles, and jackets ending right below the waist, not covering the back. The suit colors a mostly gray and matched with a tie in the same fabric.

For his sunglass line he teamed up with eyewear brand Dita to make one of the most detailed and finest eyewear collections I’ve seen. Details such as perforated splatter shields and tri-colored cable temple ends are made in such detail it’s absolute perfection. The shapes are round, oval, aviator or wayfarer in the style of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Have a look and enjoy both the detailing in Thom Browne’s eywear and an amazing Paris Indian summer evening.

Photo: The Goodiebad Blog

Flip ups.

Net shields.

It’s in the details, especially if you are the only one knowing it.

The sunglasses in the very back have flat lenses. Hot!