Garrett Leight in Paris

In Paris I met Garrett Leight and Elena Doukas to see the Garrett Leight glasses. It was great to finally meet them since we at Bonocle like the frames so much! We had a great time and talked most of the time so I kinda forgot to take pictures.

What I can tell you is that great things are about to come! I am really really excited! Garrett is doing a great job, there are few models but all of them are truly well executed!

You can read more about Garret Leight’s frames here and here and stay tuned for future posts about Garrett Light!

Garrett Leight through the Hampton.

The cool Elena Doukas in the Lucille.

The Brooks in a new color.

The Harding. Perfect shape. Perfect colors.

Garrett Leight continues his fathers legacy

Finally we had the pleasure to see the Garrett Leight‘s very first eyewear collection. As a son of the founder of Oliver Peoples, Larry Leight, he has chosen to extend his fathers legacy in designing classic spectacles. Garrett Leight’s collection has the same tasteful finish as the legendary eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. But even though all the frames are very classic and we can clearly see the heritage from his father, he has added a new touch by using unique colors.

What do you think about the collection?