New Marni

The new Marni frames I saw in Paris are probably the best collection so far. They are still very feminine and colorful but slightly larger, which will make them more weareable. The colors are red, blue, turquoise, yellow, green, puple, brown, beige and pastels. Most frames are a combination of transparent and opaque, matte and glossy or two-tone colored.

I instantly found my favorites:

Look at the fine details.

Love the color combination. No one does it like Marni.

Super awesome. Like a smiley face.

Beautiful matte frames.

Another favorite of mine.


Spring is here!

This week Bonocle will feed you with a lot of inspiration! Each day we will present a specific style of sunglasses, check it out!

Monday – Colorful!

Today we present colorful sunglasses. I think that everyone should have a colorful pair of sunglasses, to complement all these classic styles. A splash of color can really make difference. So why don’t you add some color this summer?

Marni “180” 02

E&E “Båstad” Orange

Barton Perreira “Heiress” sca/smt

Oscar Magnuson “8910” 9408

Cutler & Gross “0935” IB

Vasuma “Keelback” K4

Epos “Polluce” HO

Bonocle recommend you to put on some color this summer!