Meet Danish Kilsgaard // MIDO 2012

Kilsgaard at the MIDO fair 2012!

Danish Kilsgaard – Clean design in matte aluminum.

Some of the frames are also available with temples made of acetate for traditional adjustment possibilities.

I personally love metal frames with an unusual look! Nowadays you can find super cool metal frames. Sometimes it’s the same shape as an acetate one but redone in a metal version – like the frames presented above from Kilsgaard, lovely.

At the MIDO fair, FEB31st Wooden Frames

This young man is wearing FEB31st “Octans”.

FEB31st is a Italian eyewear brand dedicated to all of you interested in wood frames. What makes FEB31st unique is the huge range of color options in their collections. Each model is available in several colors, everything between natural brown and beige to more edgy colors such as yellow and orange. All frames are made of high quality tinted wood.

Barton Perreira – Sunglass // MIDO 2012

Meet wonderful Barton Perreira!

Few eyewear brands succeed with all models in their collections. Barton Perreira does. At MIDO I had a look at the whole new collection and was amazed of all the great shapes one single eyewear brand can come up with.

In the collection you will find classic, very refined and well done round shapes, such as this one:

Also, you will find more feminine and luxurious shapes, such as this one below (this is my favorite). I love the retro-luxury look of this sunglass! The enamel is amazing!

Even the classic aviator will be available, in an elegant version called “Mitchell”. By combining acetate with metal details, the classic aviator gets a lux sports look. Very masculine and good looking.

ROLF Wood Spectacles // MIDO 2012

ROLF is a small family-run business in the Tyrollean Alps. Everything from frames, hinge construction to sample cases and photos are made by the team. The finish of the frames is incredible and they are very comfortable and wearable even as ophthalmic frames. I tried several of their models at the fair and they fitted me great, without any adjustment needed (which is very important when buying a wood frame though they unfortunately aren’t adjustable).

The frames are totally made of wood, woodstone and some of the models are even available with buffalo temples. The prices are very various depending on the wood. This is a really high-end handcrafting, almost too good to be truth.


MIDO 2012

Mido was great! I had such a great time full of inspiration. I’ve been looking at the news from several brands and also photographing stylish people in Milan. Can’t wait to share everything with you guys!

Some favorites from the MIDO fair:
(More deep going posts and a lot of more pictures will soon be uploaded!) 

MYKITA "Joplin" (XXL version of the previous "Janis")
MOSCOT Metal Collection
Thierry Lasry
Barton Perreira in matte acetate
Leisure Society
Thierry Lasry