Meet Prestigious Schmidt Optics, Amsterdam

One of most prestigious opticians in Amsterdam

Carrying brands such as Catier Eyewear

Here you can sit down in peace trying frames with your optician

Here you find classic monocle’s of all styles

When I visited Amsterdam I discovered the prestigious optician Schmidts Optics at Rokin 72, 1012 KW in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is classical luxurious and has been looking almost the same since the establishment in 1866. A eminent old school optician offering prominent brands and classic optical items such as a wide range of monocle’s.

Warby Barker – Canine Optical

This cracked me up. Warby Barker offers elegant eyewear for man’s best firend.

The Dogocle.
“Like all costly technologies, the dogocle quickly become a status symbol. The look was especially favored by wealthy dogs, who used dogocles for activities such as examining wine lists and counting piles of gold.”

The Begley.
Vintage inspired frames for the intellectual man’s best friend.

The Winston.
The power frame.