Shopping Tips – Berlin pt1

Photos taken by: Merituuli Saario

SOTO Concept Store
Torstrasse 72
10119 Berlin-Mitte

This is one of the best concept stores in Berlin, focused on mens wear. You find very carefully selected items and brands from all over the world. As a complement they also have a selection of sunglasses, mostly from HAN Kjobenhavn, Illesteva and Super. If in Berlin, make sure to visit this store. If not in Berlin, visit their online store (HERE).

Photos taken by: Merituuli Saario

Specs Berlin Optical Store
Alte Schönhauser Strasse 39
10119 Berlin-Mitte

Love this optical store! They carry many of my favorite brands, such as Garrett Leight, Barton Perreira, DITA, MYKITA but also the very best of the bigger brands such as Tom Ford and Ray-Ban. Simply a perfect optical selection from the whole world! Also, you always get a very nice and personal treatment.

The G-15 Lens

To me the G-15 lens is is a very classic and safe choice of color for sunglasses – Especially if you’re getting prescription sunglasses. The green-grayish color is soft on the eyes and looks very good in both metal and acetate frames.

In 1951 Bausch & Lomb invented the N-15 lens for the Navy Air Corps. The N-15 was later altered to be more suitable for prescription use.

The human eye responds more to green and yellow light than blues and reds. The G-15 lens emphasizes the wavelengths our eyes are most sensitive to and blocks the other colors. This gives you a natural vision without distorting the colors – it’s easier on the eyes.

The original G-15 lens is of mineral glass and blocks 85% of the light, which means it’s a dark lens since only 15% light gets through to your eyes. And of course the lens has 100% UV-protection.

Different lens manufacturers have different names for the G-15 color. Zeiss names it Pioneer, Essilor calls it . But Bausch & Lomb was first to call it G-15.

Photo from here.