SILMO 2012 // Kilsgaard With New Temples

At Silmo I also took the chance to pass by Kilsgaard. I like the way they still keep doing new things within the same concept from which you can clearly identify it’s a Kilsgaard frame without any logos. That’s what I call great design!

What fascinated me the most this year was their improvement on the temples. They now also offer acetate temples, which makes them more adjustable and comfort for the wearer, but what makes it unique is the way they made the acetate look so good together with the front made of steel. Here is an example, where temple and front are having the same color and feel by using a very interesting matte finish on the acetate:

Here is another shape I liked a lot. A good, modern looking female frame:

Some of the models are also available in more colorful combinations:

It was nice meeting you at Silmo!


MYKITA has always been a great brand with high-quality products. Now, they’ve gone a step further and launches their latest collection “MYKITA LUXE”.

MYKITA LUXE is – as MYKITA themselves called it – “the connoiseur’s glasses of choice”.

The collection contains six retro shapes, re-editions of popular classics dating back to the first half of the 20th century, and completed by two contemporary shapes.

They’re all made of high-quality stainless steel, which is coated in “White Gold or Platinum. The materials has been carefully selected, whereof the natural horn of the temple and nose pads is supplied by Germany’s most reputable manufacturer of horn products. The horn has positive properties that have traditionally made it an excellent choice for spectacle frames, as it is extremely skin-friendly and has a warm, individual and natural look.