If you’re looking for an optical store with charm in Stockholm you should give Occhio Optik a visit. A cozy optical store with great service.



They have a small boutique in MOOD, Stockholm. Here you find hand picked frames from several classic brands. The interior is very cozy and makes you feel at home very quick. It’s almost like visiting a vintage shop, but with both new as vintage products in a true classic look with great quality.

I fell in love with these amazing Linda Farrow Vintage sunnies. Violett!

Linda Farrow Vintage

Raw Vintage Party, Püssy A GoGo, Stockholm, Sweden


The best costume party of 2012 was Hyper Island‘s Raw Vintage Party last weekend in Püssy A GoGo‘s cellar in Old Town in Stockholm!

The whole place looked like the catwalk of a fancy thrift shop in London. My favorites happened to use eyewear as accessories! This is me (!) by the way in my Graz special edition J.E.R sunglasses. You can call me Lady Yaya!

Rasmus BjurströmBjarki HelgasonMartina Lindgren, Sanna Westermark & Antonino Ognissanti!

Magnus Jonsson sporting eyewear straps, nerdy glasses, rad shirt and a mustache to envy!

Emil Löwnander, Sveinung Skaalnes and Markus Frick looking like bad asses!

Sebastian Arvidsson, Astrid Kowalczyk, Tor Åström (in the taped glasses!) & Rosalyn Knapp.

Emil Gynne aka “Bob”.

Awesome jacket and custom made sunglasses, man! – Seabasst Ian

Max Less & Tor Åström – the geeks!

Didrik Persson – Mister in Red!

Awesome Party!!

Photos by: Yonatan Agami

When Vintage Meets Punk

Meet Emmy Moström
– a true Eyewear snake* in her frame Barba Amarilla from Vasuma.

Vintage meets punk. Love it!

*Eyewear snake: The overall theme for the Vasuma collection is that here in Sweden bullies make fun of others wearing glasses by calling them “Eyewear snake”. Vasuma Eyewear is all about the revenge of the bullied ones with glasses out there. Each style in the collection is therefore named after a snake. The revenge of the eyewear-snake is finally here.

Thanks for sharing your picture with us, Emmy!