Getting Ready for the Slopes

Are you hitting the slopes anytime soon? Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun rays and stay in style.

Here’s some inspiration we shot for you!

Photographer: Dominique Hernandez
Stylist: Jasmin Yaya

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles
RVS by V – Skie

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles
RVS by V – Skie

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles

Black Eyewear – Birdland (inspired by these inuit goggles)

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles
Ray-Ban – Outdoorsman Road Spirit

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles
UK Trotting Frame – Polo

slopes skiing snowboarding glasses goggles
UK Trotting Frame – Polo

Sun, Data and Sunglasses

Here are two prototypes for apps that help you find the sun by merging weather data with your location and time. They both won several awards for their ideas!

Finding the right sunspot isn’t always easy, especially if you live in a big city where buildings are covering the sun. “Bright Light” is an application for Ray Ban that helps people to get the most out of the sun and their sunglasses. It was made by students from Berghs School of Communication.

Coppertone Sunsight will show you the sunniest spots in New York. It was made by Bryan and Daniël in collaboration with Hyui Yong Kim.

MYKITA Store in Berlin

When in Berlin make sure you visit the cool and newly renovated MYKITA Shop in Mitte on Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 6.

Awesome colors in a pyramid.

Frida is checking out the frames.

We met the lovely Optometrist Alina.

All storage is from old Swiss Air boxes. Très chic!

We were here.

Frida in Ornella.

A Collaboration with Rad Hourani resluted in these Mylon frames called Rad. It’s a crazy shape and I dont think you could do this in acetate since the lens is slid in from above. Be sure to check out Mylon, we’ll probably see some great things in this material!

 Jaques-Yves, another Mylon Collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Leisure Society

Shane Baum has been in the eyewear business for 20 years. He is the president of Baum Vision, former designer for Louis Vuitton Eyewear and current designer of Paul Frank Eyewear, just to mention a few things. Needless to say he has exceptional taste in luxurios quality items. Mr. Baum’s new baby is Leisure Society.

Leisure Society is an high-end handmade luxury eyewear brand with both an optical and a sun collection.

The frames are tastefully detailed with etchings and they look rich, not in the bling way, rather in an “old money”-style. The sun collection holds exceptional quality where the lenses are 99.9% distortion-free and has a 12-layer anti-reflectiong coating. As an optometrist i think the lens quality is important but often times not thought of when buying expensive sunglasses. Of course the price is set even higher when the frames are wrapped in 12 k, 18 k and 24 k gold. Think of these frames as something that will last a lifetime, perhaps to be handed on to the next generations.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful video. Would you like to join their world too?

Photo: Leisure Society


We had the chance of looking at the newest of the newest MYKITA sun collection. Now we really can’t wait for the sun to come back!

MYKITA is an übercool Berlin based eyewear brand making really comfortable sunglasses with excellent quality and durability. The metal frames are really light as they’re cut out out of a  superthin sheat of steel and then milled into the right shape – this in combination of the screwless contruction (screws usually unscrew themselves) gives the MYKITA  frames a very unique look and feel.

Lately we’ve seen lots of round retro-style shapes and colorful sunglasses in general from all eyewear brands! MYKITA interprets this in a very modern and sleek way:

For all of you who love colorful sunglasses!

This feminine shape is lovely.

Transparent acetate shifts in color in the sunshine. COOL!

Very tasteful glasses for the gentlemen. Notice the superthin gold bottom rim.

OH! The shape, colors and matte texture! These are really fun!

The shading of this lens is exquisite. Notice the hinges on this acetate frame.

This oversized cat eye shape’s color reminds me of lolly pops

MYKITA has a collaboration with Uslu Airlines, offering three different colors for you to match your aviators with your nail polish! We like!