E&E Sunglasses

This week we had the pleasure to meet the founders and designers behind the new eyewear brand E&E. The brand name comes from their names Erik  and Emilia. They are both from northern Sweden and all their sunglasses are named after different  Swedish summer resorts.

Emilia and Erik. (Photo from: http://www.eoe-glasses.com)

The sunglasses are all handmade in acetate. In the same factory as Ralph Lauren Eyewear. Despite all of this, the prices are very friendly and it might inspire you to go a little bit more crazy, or maybe buy two of them?

E&E “Båstad”

E&E “Falsterbo”

E&E “Ribban”

E&E “Falsterbo” and “Bettnes”

Jasmin and I like the brown “Falsterbo” with the faded glasses a lot and we think this one will be E&E’s bestseller! But, if you want to go more crazy, I would like to recommend the orange one, that color is just so happy and cool.

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