Dita Lancier

Dita has launched a new luxury sunglass collecten called Lancier. They come in 5 cool styles and are all hand made in Japan. The quality is exceptional, as always from Dita.

Dita Lancier is something for all the gentlemen who are looking for a pair of real solid sunglasses.

The lenses have nearly super power quality. There are three types of lenses, each designed for a different activity. Each type of lens has a symbol of the intended activity.

  • Grey Polarized for sailing.
  • G-15-Non_Polarized for flying.
  • Brown Polarized for driving.

All frames come with both standard straight temples and wrap around temples and are changeable with just a push on a button!

Just like when buying a really good watch all of the individually numbered frames come in a big box including a lovely vintage looking leather case, cleaning cloth, skrewdriver, looped temples and a warranty card.

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