Crystal Clear.

Saw this image and read a beautiful text here.

Have you ever tried to wear another persons prescription glasses? Sexiest jogger in all the land husband wears glasses and once I tried them on.

Everything was all blurry, it looked like the entire world shifted left like 5 my head started to pound instantly. The longer I kept them on the worse it was. I thought maybe if I just blinked a whole bunch and moved my head around like a crazy person the world would suddenly come into focus. 

There are times in my life that I have walked around (ok..bumped around) looking at the world through glasses that were not meant for me. 

I remember the first time I read Artful Blogging Magazine. I was enraptured. There was such beautifully pink hued crafty stuff. So many cute ladies in skirts with dark eyed perfect looking children, leading seemingly perfect creative lives. (for the record I LOVE Artful Blogging..still buy every single issue!!)

So I thought I should try those glasses maybe become a craft blogger. Of course, they did not really fit and I ended up with a headache and like 10 pounds of german glass glitter.

Or that time this last spring that I thought I could be the star of my recreational softball team.

Those glasses REALLY did not fit and I ended up with pretty severe injury and a majorly bruised EGO. Let’s just blame in on the blurry glasses..not my softball skills please.

Then you have those rare moments of clarity..and when I say rare, I really mean RARE. (for me anyway) (maybe you are just more awesome than me)(whatever)(quit your bragging) 

There are those moments when you put on the next pair of glasses and the world is suddenly crystal clear. Everything pops with the intensity of the moment, you can feel the crackle of tension in the know what you see, you know how to get it and everything else fades into the background..blurry and out of focus, like the glasses that didn’t fit..

It is then you come to the preverbal “fork in the road”. 

Do you go back in the direction of ill-prescribed, out of focus thinking? (even though it might give you a least you know what to’s comfy..right?) you surge forward? Towards clarity, made just for you and no one else focus? (but it’s sooo unknown! So scary! So out of my control! What will people think? What do I think? Help!!)

Today dear reader I mean to encourage you. Do you know that there is a pair of glasses out there that are custom made just for you?? My creator did not intend for me to love german glass glitter..and that is ok..really. Those were not my glasses..

I’m pretty sure that deep down in that sweet soul of yours you know what pair of glasses are made for you. They might be in the form of a little dream, a goal, something you have always read about, a “I could soo do that”, maybe a gentle nudge from above.. to those glasses.

Put them on and never ever look back. 

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