The Bonocle Girls

It’s been a long time since we presented ourselves! I think it’s about time we do it again, as we’ve got so many new readers lately. Welcome!

My name is Barbara and I run this blog with my friend Jasmin Yaya. We started this website as an initiative to offer people around the world a great eyewear blog. Among all thousands of fashion bloggers, we couldn’t identify a single one about eyewear that offered the combination we wanted.

Jasmin and I met each other at Bågar & Glas, where we both currently work. Jasmin is an optometrist and has been in the eyewear business since 2006. I’ve been in the Eyewear business since 2008 and I am currently studying marketing, which I love to combine with my great passion for Eyewear.

Thank you all for following us!

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