Acne Sunglass

I went to the Acne Store in Berlin and run into these wonderful sunglasses. One model available in six colors. They look amazing on the face, with the bold acetate and clean design. I love the unpolished ones, especially the one in the frosty white/grey/mint nuance.

Let’s hope for some sun!

3 thoughts on “Acne Sunglass

  1. I was in the Acne store a couple of weeks ago and i just tried on a pair of these sunglasses for fun, but as soon as i put them on, i was in love. They are extremely cool, i love the thick sturdy frame, and the colors available are just amazing. I bought the classic brown, but i will be buying pink, blue or transparent white soon.

    1. I Know what you mean, they are great! Perfectly bold and with The amazing finish.. Big like and congratulations for your new pair of sunglasses!

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