It all starts with a powder!

MYKITA‘s MYLON line is truly innovative and cool! At the MIDO 2012 fair in Milan, Italy they showed the different stages in the making of the MYLON frames.

MYKITA Designer Martin Güntert.

Right from the very start you can tell it’s not how any other frames are made, or anything else for that matter. The shape is drawn in 3D in a computer, a laser beam then prints on powder made of Nylon in layers after layers. Where the laser hits, the nylon melts and hardens. This allows MYKITA to experiment with the shapes and make really advanced frames! Afterwards the front and temples are lifted out and most of the remaining Nylon powder can be reused again. The parts are softened, colored and treated so that the surface feels almost like wood (very comfortable against the skin!) and the parts are put together with MYKITA’s special screwless hinges. The color won’t rub off and the material is super durable, it can’t break, but all Mylon frames can be adjusted.

This collection is a little sporty, they fit very well around the head and they all come with Zeiss lenses in different colors. This is really a light and stylish sports sunframe that can be worn in the city as well! You can even put corrective lenses in most of the models!

The different stages in making of MYKITA MYLON…

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