Feather light and flirting with the 70’s hippie style, the MYKITA for BONOCLE project is beautiful and chic. The round design is made by Mykita & Bernhard Wilhelm, inspired by Janis Joplin.

This time in a limited color edition of 10 pieces chosen by Bonocle, exclusively available at the Bonocle Online Store. The construction is hand made in an old school way but with a modern technique and new materials. This allows the frame to be light yet super sturdy.

Follow the process behind the making of “Janis”:

First a thin layer of stainless spring steel metal sheet is cut out and then bent using very simple hand maneuvered machines. Later on the five pieces are put together by hand using no screws.

The inside of the temple tips and the nose pads have transparent soft lacquer which is applied by hand on the inside to make them grip your head.

The nosepads are bent by hand for the perfect angle to create the feeling that the frames are molded to the face.

After getting the perfect base curve it’s time for a nose job! This gives the nose bridge a retro look.

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