We recently visited Straight Design‘s Studio in Stockholm, Sweden – a design studio by Andreas Beijer and Viktor Erlandsson. Since vision is a crucial necessity in their profession we wanted to meet them and find out how they use their eyes when working.

Collection Line, by Straight Design. A chair, a table and a coatrack.

Andreas and Viktor thought of looking for a studio to be in some time in the future and only one week later they had moved in. ”Everything went so fast” Viktor says. And that’s pretty much how everything has been for Straight. They moved in to the studio in April 2012 and have already designed a handfull finished products.

When Andreas and Viktor visited Broby Sanatorium, an abandoned old Tuberculosis Hospital, they got the idea of making a chair made of one solid steel pole. The seat is a matte stained MDF sheet. After that they made two more pieces for the collection. I just love the eternal lines.

The first prototypes and design ideas coming out from Straight Design Studio.

”We are super critical” Viktor says. ”We can present an idea to each other and then the other one can be like ‘Yeah, but it’s super ugly, so no.’”

Andreas Beijer, wearing Skaga Originals by Sightsen Herrgård glasses.

Viktor Erlandsson, wearing Skaga Originals by Sightsen Herrgård glasses.

Fruit and vegetable plate by Straight Design, to be produced in collaboration with Cult. The carvings in the wood lets you place your greens like a pyramid. It’s a little bit raised which gives it a great look.

The fruit and vegetable plate is also perfectly suitable for your eyewear
– Bonocle Likes!

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