Limited Edition “Henry” by Capital Eyewear

Do you remember this post?

Anyhow, I really like the eyewear coming out from The Capital Eyewear HQ in California.  It’s a bunch of creative spirits experimenting with both wood and acetate in their very own studio and manufactory in California. They do cool handmade glasses, mostly made out of wood. Love the idea of combining oversize cool shapes with a natural material such as wood. They aren’t the only ones doing wood frames out there – from Silmo to judge it’s one of the biggest trends this year – but they are definitely doing it their way.

Limited Edition “Henry”, only 25 pieces. 

November 12th they will launch a new limited edition frame named “Henry”. It’s a rounded shape made of two different woods: Darker and bold on top, thinner and lighter on the bottom. Only 25 pieces are made and will be exclusively available on their online store. Are you gonna get yourself a pair? You should!

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