Ørgreen Optics Press Event

Last week I visited Ørgreen Optics press event here in Stockholm at wonderful Nobis Hotel. It was a pleasure seeing all the novelties, there are a lot of Bonocle favorites to come.

Örgreen Optics Press Event at Nobis Hotel Ørgreen latest collection, presented at Silmo 2012.

Nowadays the collection also contains many female shapes in interesting colors. All frames are made of titanium and acetate, handmade in Japan and designed in Copenhagen. At their workshop in Copenhagen they’re 15 people working with Ørgreen, where one of them is a full time colorist. You can really tell there is a specialist, seeing the color settings, nothing is left to chance. Most frames are two-colored, with amazing combinations.

Örgreen Optics Press Event at Nobis Hotel Örgreen Optics Press Event at Nobis Hotel Mod. Drummer Col. 174
This is a limited color edition, due to the fact it’s a vintage acetate from the 60’s which isn’t produced anymore. So you better hurry getting this edition before it’s to late!

For the ladies:

From the new Ørgreen collection you will find delicate female shapes in soft colors. Big up for their fine selection of femal frames, slightly caty and oversized in a balanced way giving a modern female look.

A separate post will come up tomorrow featuring more masculine shapes.

Örgreen Optics Press Event at Nobis Hotel Mod. Honey Col. 330

Orgeen optics press eventMod. Lana Col. 387

Örgreen Optics Press Event at Nobis Hotel Mod. Connaisseur Col. 382

3 thoughts on “Ørgreen Optics Press Event

  1. I love the Connaisseur and Marilyn! Both so feminine and chic. I’ve been searching for a long time for fashionable frames that don’t make my face look too cluttered and Ørgreen have done that so well. Now to choose between the Connaisseur and the Marilyn!

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