Colours by Jono Hennessy

Jono Hennessy

Jono Hennessy is a family business from Australia, for three generations the family has been devoted eyewear artisans. Jono Hennessy, son of optician C.H Filmer Sceats, grew up watching his father doing eye exams and fitting fashionable glasses. Exceptional quality and fit is as important as the look, his father told him which is clearly still the spirit of Jono Hennessy eyewear today.

Model 8322 caught our attention. Not only is it a wonderful shape, the colours and patterns are truly  amazing. Each colour is limited to 80 pieces each, worldwide.

The Bonocle pick:Jono Hennessy Jono Hennessy

Slightly caty yet classic shape, in interesting and unique colour combinations. It’s a Bonocle fav!

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