Lady Gaga Is The First Woman In 15 Years To Keynote SXSW Music

Lady Gaga SXSW Glasses

Lady Gaga‘s performance and keynote speech at South By Southwest Festival will be historic for several reasons. Not only is Lady Gaga’s performance her first at SXSW, at 27 she’s also the youngest keynote speaker the fest has ever had — and the first woman in 15 years’s.

Mother Monster held the keynote on Friday March 14th.

Grammis Awards 2013

Sofia Chowdhury captured some really awesome eyewear people at the Grammis Awards here in Stockholm, definitely worth sharing with you guys.

You fins all his pictures (here).

Grammis galan backstage Grammis galan backstage Grammis galan backstage
The handsome awardwinner Lorenz and the stylish Penga’ Per.
Grammis galan backstage