Bonocle Visiting Lunettes Brillenagentur

Lunettes Brillenagentur, Berlin

Photos by Merituuli Saario

Last weekend I visited the Lunettes Store at Torstrasse 172 in Berlin. What a beautiful boutique! They offer a huge collection of unworn vintage frames, both sun and ophthalmic. Besides that, they also have some handpicked brands (such as Clair Goldsmith, Moscot and Garrett Leight) and even more unique: their own line “Lunettes Kollektion” containing refined vintage shapes in interesting colors.

It’s a lovely story behind the lunettes shop. It all began with Uta Geyer. Uta was working as a scenery searching for vintage revisit for a theater when she came over the huge interest for vintage frames. Later on, she found such a beautiful (and cheap!) optometrists booth at eBay that she couldn’t resist to buy. One day, when sitting in a café she saw an empty boutique hall for rental… So all of a sudden she had an optometrists booth and a empty boutique just in front of her – this was a sign for the beginning of Lunettes Brillenagentur.

Vintage sunglasses on the 1st pic, Lunettes Collection on the 2nd pic. Round shape: Jeunesse Toujours in Miele & Olive; Caty shape:  Fräuleinwunder

… More lovely pictures to come, stay tuned!

On the Street… Schönhauser Allee

I passed by this man today and as he caught my attention with his awesome frames I just had to run back and ask for a picture to share with you guys.

He is wearing a Japanese metal frame which he added a black windsor ring on for a more intense look. I love the idea of modifying your own eyewear! Like Jasmin did with her Savile Row (see post HERE) or like I did with my Vasumas (see post HERE).

The Many Ways Of Displaying Eyewear

Last year I wrote a post about Eyewear as an anywhere-detail and shared a photo of my eyewear on a hanger:

On that post I got a great comment from a reador about a special hanger from IKEA. Now that I moved to Berlin I actually bought this hanger and I’m now collecting my eyewear as an interior detail. Unfortunately I didn’t bring all of my glasses with me, so the hanger isn’t filled yet…