On the Street…Norrlandsgatan

Lovely Savile Row Round, probably my favorite glasses right now. I added the colorful Windsor rings myself, there are so many different to chose from! Black like Harry Potter, red, blue, multi colored or take them off to expose the lovely gold! Match your glasses to any outfit!

5 thoughts on “On the Street…Norrlandsgatan

  1. jasmin they are sencastional definately multi colour round the rims looks awesome. will send you pictures of my huge custom made saville row round lightly tinted prescription eyeglasses john from australia.

  2. They are so beautiful! I’ve always felt that round glasses don’t works for me, but in this way they are just amazing! I think I should try something like this in gold and then change them a bit with after my mood! 🙂 Do you have any tip?

    1. Hi Karin!

      It’s a fun way to make your glasses more personal. The perfectly circular glasses is probably the most classic shape you can find and makes you look happy 🙂 go for it! Ask your optician to change the rim colors for you!

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