Mahonki – Wooden Eyewear Online Store

Juha, founder of Mahonki; an online store, one day stumbled upon a pair of wooden glasses and was immediately amazed. We at Bonocle love wooden glasses as well as you can read about here, here, here and here. It feels so nice against the skin and the frames are very light.

These are our favorites from Mahonki.


Optimono – FH Ebony Gold. Wood types used are Walnut & Ebony.


Lovely Wood Slider Case by Shwood


W/SÜN – Club Cognac


W/SÜN – Une Cognac

Hexagonal And Ocagonal

Lately I’ve had a thing for hexagonal glasses. Here are my favorites:

Jacqueline Onassis, 1971. A very classic picture of Jackie in her tortoise hexagonal over sized sunglasses.
Photo from here.

Faux-Bamboo Injection-modeled octagonal sunglasses, Italy circa 1960’s.
Picture from the book Eyewear (Taschen).

Vintage Ray-Ban  by Bausch & Lomb. Hippie style.
Photo from here.

Cazal 905. Really cool frame. Photo from here.

Vintage Oliver Goldsmith Hex which I recently posted about. Photo from Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

The Bonocle Girls’ new glasses

Both Jasmin and I bought ourselves a new pair of glasses this weekend, and ironically we both chose a round, retro/vintage, golden metal frame:

Jasmin’s frame is the thin one, from Savile Row. Mine is the second one, it is a vintage frame from Beau Monde that I found in the Bågar & Glas in Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm.

Below you can see Jasmin wearing her new Savile Row, it suits exceptionally!