The Bonocle Girls’ new glasses

Both Jasmin and I bought ourselves a new pair of glasses this weekend, and ironically we both chose a round, retro/vintage, golden metal frame:

Jasmin’s frame is the thin one, from Savile Row. Mine is the second one, it is a vintage frame from Beau Monde that I found in the Bågar & Glas in Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm.

Below you can see Jasmin wearing her new Savile Row, it suits exceptionally!

2 thoughts on “The Bonocle Girls’ new glasses

  1. Hello, this savile row glasses suits Jasmine beautifully indeed. I will buy a pair for myself and It will help me a lot to make up my mind about the size I shall pick, if you could let me know the size of the glasses Jasmin is wearing in the picture above by answering to this post…

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