What is old is new.

What is old is new. There are several glasses in a 1920’s or 1930’s type of style. They are so beautiful and classic. Traditionally made metal frames in a slightly droopy round shape, delicate details in the metal and tortoise colored rims.

From the top: Algha Savile Row Panto, Oliver Peoples Vintage MP-2, Barton Perreira Corso (46) and Garrett Leight Winston.

Look at the amazing details!

So delicate.

On the Street… Schönhauser Allee

I passed by this man today and as he caught my attention with his awesome frames I just had to run back and ask for a picture to share with you guys.

He is wearing a Japanese metal frame which he added a black windsor ring on for a more intense look. I love the idea of modifying your own eyewear! Like Jasmin did with her Savile Row (see post HERE) or like I did with my Vasumas (see post HERE).