Visiting RVS Eyewear in Instanbul

Both Jasmin and I have a special love for RVS eyewear. Avant-garde design and amazing colour combinations at its best. In addition, all colour combinations are unique. Forget about mass production and boring product catalogues, from RSV you get a truly unique piece of art.

Vidal in the studio

Visiting Vidal’s studio/showroom

I had the chance to meet Vidal, the founder and creative soul behind RVS eyewear. Vidal, who was born in New York but moved back to Istanbul together with his parents when he was a kid, is now based in Istanbul from where he runs his business. He invited me to his studio/showroom in the heart of the city to show me some of the novelties.


It all started with vintage frames

Vidal started off selling vintage eyewear. It wasn’t until years later he decided to create his own collection, which started with a few show pieces made out of left over acetate that he managed to get manufactured. When the pieces were done, Vidal asked Selima in New York to showcase his collection in the store, on a “sell or return” agreement. Luckily for Vidal the Selima shop turned out to be the perfect place for his collection – it sold out, which made it possible for him to continue his creative work.

Vintage Casal from RVS vintage frames

Metal frames from RVS

Latest from RVS eyewear is the new metal collection, containing thinner frames but with the same playful shapes and colours as we’ve seen on his acetate collections before. Two fabulous shades featured below.

RVS metal frames Babba in RVS metal sunglasses

Keep up the good job, Vidal!

Selima Optique – The London Collection

Selima Optique recently had an event in New York to launch the “London Collection”. A Vintage high-end collection curated by Selima herself and Kajal, currently a Business School student from London who is set to launch her eyewear company upon graduation later this year. Very exciting!

The collection looks awesome from what I’ve seen so far, specially this vintage sunglass from Cazal:


Hexagonal And Ocagonal

Lately I’ve had a thing for hexagonal glasses. Here are my favorites:

Jacqueline Onassis, 1971. A very classic picture of Jackie in her tortoise hexagonal over sized sunglasses.
Photo from here.

Faux-Bamboo Injection-modeled octagonal sunglasses, Italy circa 1960’s.
Picture from the book Eyewear (Taschen).

Vintage Ray-Ban  by Bausch & Lomb. Hippie style.
Photo from here.

Cazal 905. Really cool frame. Photo from here.

Vintage Oliver Goldsmith Hex which I recently posted about. Photo from Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses


Aviators are probably the most common type of sunglasses and come in many different variations, from the egg shaped to the straight almost square shaped.

Cutler And Gross 902

Porsche Design 8478 C

MYKITA Franz in Limited Edition Gold

MYKITA Hector in Edelweiss

Dita X Cazal MOD 902 C3

MYKITA Ferris in Taupe

Tom Ford Helene in Gold is a very feminine version of the aviator.

Oliver Goldsmith Carl in Sherry

Mosley Tribes Becker

Lancier 003 in Gold and G-15 Lens

Leisure Society Brighton in Gold/Brown