Meet Baldessarini

Meet Baldessarini, founded in 1993 by Werner Baldessarini, the rewarded former Vice President and designer of Hugo Boss. The eyewear is classic and minimalistic with fine details in the acetate.

Look at the acetate! It looks like wood!

Tomas Halld’n, friend and former collegue, is now the awesome Swedish rep for Baldessarini invited me to his place and showed me the entire collection.

I love Tomas’ animals, and there’s lots of them. This is Hedda, she is a Whippet. Here I’m wearing my favorite from the Baldessarini collection, the 5105.

The Corn Snakes needed some accessories.

Geckos need glasses too…

Vasuma Inc.

Earlier this week we stopped by Vasuma‘s awesome head office and showroom in Old Town, Stockholm.

Cute Boy Band Photo: Vasuma Inc.

Vasuma Inc. is a Stockholm based brand founded by the cool guys Jan Vana, Steffen Sundström and Lars Malmsten. In 2007 they had their first eyewear line. Their eyewear collection, which has both optical and sun frames, is unisex, young, large and cool.

Fun fact: The English bullies’ favorite phrase “Four eyes” is “Eyewear snake” (Glasögonorm) to the Swedish bullies’. Therefore all of Vasuma’s frames are named after snakes. This is the eyewear snakes getting their revenge!

At Vasuma’s office we talked about the process of making a frame. There are many steps to reach the final product. As for any product to hold great quality, fit, style all of the steps have to work smothly. Some of our favorite Vasuma frames.

Vasuma is pretty new in eyewear but has already managed to establish their style and quality. This spring they’ll be at Mido for their first time and Bonocle wishes Vasuma all the best!