Lady Gaga Is The First Woman In 15 Years To Keynote SXSW Music

Lady Gaga SXSW Glasses

Lady Gaga‘s performance and keynote speech at South By Southwest Festival will be historic for several reasons. Not only is Lady Gaga’s performance her first at SXSW, at 27 she’s also the youngest keynote speaker the fest has ever had — and the first woman in 15 years’s.

Mother Monster held the keynote on Friday March 14th.

Glasses in Your Favorite Typeface

Type Glasses Typography

If you love typography and glasses, you’ll find this fun! The Japanese company Type has combined these two and put them on your face.

Just like a typeface gives the content character, glasses give your face character. Choose from the lines Garamond or Helvetica. I’m personally waiting for the Futura in Bold.

Type Glasses Typography Bold Regular Light Helvetica Garamond

Each line has three versions of the spectacles — light, regular, and bold, of course — that delineate the thickness of the frames.

Protos Eyewear

Protos Eyewear is a 3D printed eyewear company located in San Francisco. They just launched a crowd funding campaign.

protos eyewear 3d printed frames

The frames are:

∙ Tailored Fit – The team has developed advanced software which allows them to select and alter the design of each pair of glasses to fit your unique features and accentuate your facial structure.

 Innovative Designs – Our frames are impossible to replicate with traditional manufacturing methods, giving you a totally unique frame that is tailored for you.

 Unique Material and Manufacturing Methods – Protos’ strong and lightweight frames.

 Environmentally Friendly – Their 3D printing process uses hypoallergenic bioplastics and is completely waste-free.

 Made in the USA.

 3D Printed.

protos eyewear 3d printed frames protos eyewear 3d printed frames

Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso

Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso


This brought a smile to my face. In this ongoing series titled Unlikely, artist and photographer Giuseppe Colarusso imagines bizarre and humorous objects, each of which is either technically impossible, improbable, or simply useless in its proposed design.

See some 50+ additional concepts over on his website.