MYKITA HQ // In Love With Mirror Lenses

Visiting the MYKITA HQ

A week ago I went to Berlin for a longer weekend and passed by the MYKITA HQ. So nice meeting the PR department again and have a look at all the novelties. One of my favorite ones turned out to be the one on the pictures above, which is a new color combination of the MYKITA x Bernhard Willhelm “Xavier”. Wow! What a cool sunglass’! I’m completely in love with mirror lenses…

Some other favorites are the novelties from the DECADES collection:Classic shapes meets new materials and color splashes plus golden mirror lenses.

I also found some delicate and colorful optical frames:

Thanks for the visit!

Mirror lenses

MYKITA on Vouge

Mirror lenses has gotten a lot of attention in fashion magazines, but sadly enough I haven’t seen many people actually wearing them. How come? Maybe it’s just the Swedes who are afraid of wearing it, or is it the same worldwide?

I can imagine that lot of people associate mirror lenses with those super sporty sunglass of the 80’s, because even I do. And because I’m not a sporty person, I don’t see any reason to wear sunglass with a sporty look. But lately I’ve noticed that there is a whole bunch of cool sunglass with mirror lenses, which are not necessarily sporty. For example my round sunglass “Janis” from MYKITA: (Click here to see).