SILMO 2012 // Introducing KameManNen

Meet Japanese KameManNen

– One of the worlds finest eyewear craftsmanship.

Made of strong titanium and the finest acetate you can get, the feel of the frames are unlike anything else made in mass production. This is pure craftsmanship. The frames are made in a small factory in Japan from old design ideas, giving the frames a pure classic look.

KameManNen is a traditional Japanese eyewear manufacture creating very firm yet light frames of exceptional quality, with beautiful handcrafted details and no logos.

As you can see from the pictures KameManNen offers a big variation of round shapes. You can choose from different sizes, oval shapes, circular round, slightly rounded, bold or thin, titanium or acetate – or both… etc.

We love it! As a true eyewear geek with a big passion for quality and craftsmanship you just gotta love the KameManNen frames.

SILMO 2012 // Frency & Mercury Clubmaster Style

The many ways of a clubmaster shape, all of them from the Japanese brand Frency & Mercury. I must admit I have a big passion for japanese glasses, they really know how to manufacture high-end frames with attention to details. Here is a classic shape made by Frency & Mercury, available in eight similar color combinations yet very different. Small details make big differences.

Available in shiny black, matte black, matte grey, with gold details, silver details, in shiny, in matte… you name it!

Matte grey with dark grey titanium details.

Matte black with matte silver titanium details.

SILMO 2012 // Kilsgaard With New Temples

At Silmo I also took the chance to pass by Kilsgaard. I like the way they still keep doing new things within the same concept from which you can clearly identify it’s a Kilsgaard frame without any logos. That’s what I call great design!

What fascinated me the most this year was their improvement on the temples. They now also offer acetate temples, which makes them more adjustable and comfort for the wearer, but what makes it unique is the way they made the acetate look so good together with the front made of steel. Here is an example, where temple and front are having the same color and feel by using a very interesting matte finish on the acetate:

Here is another shape I liked a lot. A good, modern looking female frame:

Some of the models are also available in more colorful combinations:

It was nice meeting you at Silmo!

SILMO 2012 // Ugo Cacciatori Eyewear

Meet Ugo Cacciatori, a high-end jewelry designer now launching his very first eyewear collection – presented at the Silmo fair for the first time.

What makes this extension unique, is the way they really succeed transmitting the same feeling of the jewelries into eyewear. An interesting fact is that the glasses aren’t made in regular eyewear factories, but in the same italian factory as the jewelries.

All glasses are made of the finest materials silver and bio acetate.

One of my favorites is this aviator, combining bold acetate with thinner silver details.