SILMO 2012 // Introducing KameManNen

Meet Japanese KameManNen

– One of the worlds finest eyewear craftsmanship.

Made of strong titanium and the finest acetate you can get, the feel of the frames are unlike anything else made in mass production. This is pure craftsmanship. The frames are made in a small factory in Japan from old design ideas, giving the frames a pure classic look.

KameManNen is a traditional Japanese eyewear manufacture creating very firm yet light frames of exceptional quality, with beautiful handcrafted details and no logos.

As you can see from the pictures KameManNen offers a big variation of round shapes. You can choose from different sizes, oval shapes, circular round, slightly rounded, bold or thin, titanium or acetate – or both… etc.

We love it! As a true eyewear geek with a big passion for quality and craftsmanship you just gotta love the KameManNen frames.

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