Arnold Kis has created his dream collection: ROZI

Arnold Kis has always been a big fan of sunglasses and followed all the latest trends. But somehow, he always found something he would ave done different. After 2 years of planning and development he has now finally launched his dream collection of sunglasses: ROZI.


The frame is made of 8 layers of flat sliced hard maple, the coating, depending on the
type, is made of 1 layer of quarter sliced walnut or ebony. The sheets of veneer are
glued together by ourselves, and are refined with several stages of hand-grinding. Fitting is achieved by bending, which is followed by a careful shaping. All sunglasses uses lenses from HOYA. The low weight, 17-19 grams, and absence of nose pads makes these wooden frames very comfort. The special wooden hinges are made of the world’s hardest wood, ebony, in 3 and 5 layers.

Two Bonocle favourites:

ROZI-No4-Ebony-Handcrafted-Wooden-Sunglasses-1_1024x1024ROZI No4

ROZI-No2-Walnut-Handcrafted-Wooden-Sunglasses-1_1024x1024ROZI No2

New Dutch Eyewear Brand: Suzy Glam


Suzy Glam is a new dutch eyewear brand, introducing its first exclusive eyewear collection for lovers of pronounced, well-designed accessories.

Swiss jewellery designer and Netherlands resident; Susanne Klemm, designs the collection, in collaboration with Etienne Frederiks; a pioneer in eyewear brands. Susanne has more than 15 years of experience as a designer and her work is part of museum- and private collections all over the world.

Etienne and Susanne

Suzy Glam attaches great importance to a different, more visual way of designing. Instead of starting from a drawing or a computer render, all models are primarily shaped by hand, then fitted and adjusted again. In this way, the design is literally formed on the face. Suzy Glam is convinced that this method gives a different result on the final frame. The collection consists of a series of faceted styles for men and women, based on cut gemstones with strong angles and facets. In the other series the rounded, smooth surfaces give the frames a different tactile expression from normal two-dimensional shaped frames.

Suzy Glam

The Duo pays special attention to the smallest detail and produces the collection in Europe, using high quality Italian acetate.

Favorite Bonocle models:

Suzy Glam Travels Light Suzy Glam Travels Light

Suzy Glam Spends a Fortune

Suzy Glam Spends A Fortune

Suzy Glam is Right on TimeSuzy Glam Is Right On Time

SILMO 2012 // Introducing KameManNen

Meet Japanese KameManNen

– One of the worlds finest eyewear craftsmanship.

Made of strong titanium and the finest acetate you can get, the feel of the frames are unlike anything else made in mass production. This is pure craftsmanship. The frames are made in a small factory in Japan from old design ideas, giving the frames a pure classic look.

KameManNen is a traditional Japanese eyewear manufacture creating very firm yet light frames of exceptional quality, with beautiful handcrafted details and no logos.

As you can see from the pictures KameManNen offers a big variation of round shapes. You can choose from different sizes, oval shapes, circular round, slightly rounded, bold or thin, titanium or acetate – or both… etc.

We love it! As a true eyewear geek with a big passion for quality and craftsmanship you just gotta love the KameManNen frames.

RVS by V – Truly Handmade

Jasmin and Barbara wearing RVS by V Palladium

We’re completely in love with RVS by V, Turkish eyewear brand offering handmade eyewear. We’ve been reading about them a lot but not until very recently we finally got the chance to touch them and try them on for real. They are so cool, definitely one of the hottest brands out there.

When RVS by V say they’re handmade, they really mean handmade. They don’t even have any catalogues showing any collections, because they custom made every collections! Here we’re wearing two custom made Palladium, and we LOVE them!

Matte pink/Blue mirror lens and Matte blue/Orange mirror lens

Jasmin in her custom made RVS by V

Barbara in custom made RVS by V

The frames come in a hard box, together with a soft handmade eyewear sleeve.

Feather light thin and light yet a lot of attitude thanks to the mirror lenses.

My First Woody Sunglass – Capital

I’m very lucky who got this lovely sunglass for Valentines day, much better than going on a date ;). The frame model is called “Ellie” in the color named “Cherry”, from Capital. They are handmade in the USA, all made of wood and with lenses from Carl Zeiss. I never thought a wood frame would be this comfortable!

If you want to now more about Capital, please see THIS post we’ve posted before about how the frames are made. 

WeSC X Super

Swedish WeSC teamed up with Italian Super for their handmade sunglasses. The style Moose comes in black, clear and tortoise.

I really like the details such as the angular lenses, the inside print of the temples and I especially like the texture of the matte tortoise frame. The gradient lenses are Zeiss wich is a wellknown lens manufacturer and leading in optics. I’m very nerdy about these details but these things really makes a big difference. This is great quality all through. Great job WeCS and Super!


Albert Maysels by Barton Perreira

A great cameraman must have a great pair of eyes, and a great pair of eyes should be framed with a great pair of glasses.

Photo from here.

Albert Maysels (rhymes with hazels), the talented documentary filmmaker, has been the inspiration for these classic frames by Barton Perreira for Barneys exclusively. This is a very classic look that many people look very good in.

Photo from Cineaste.

You really have to see this amazing tribute site to Al’s glasses!