New Lindberg!

The new Lindberg frames reacently arrived! Some are super new and some are new sized and colors. I love the lightness of Lindberg frames.

If you have a problem with acetate frames not sitting well on your nose try Lindberg! They all have nosepads and the nosepads can be changed into larger, smaller, hard or silicone so there should be a pair that fits YOU!

Lindberg Acetate 1014 in two new colors; a beautiful transparent turquise and a three layered soft gray for this stylish round frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1145 is a new  large thin cat shaped frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1011 comes in a new transparent gray color.

Kirsten is a new Rim frame that has a soft feminine version of an aviator. Classy and modern. We chose a pink gold color for this frame but you can choose from about 60 (!) different colors. I really like the hinge made of titanium treads wired around each other. It’s durable, stylish and well made.

2 thoughts on “New Lindberg!

  1. Hello Bonocle! Sad enough I bought a pair of Kirsten’s 1 month ago from LifeStyle Optical in Town Hall, Sydney, Australia and and got them back today. I am very allergic to silicone pads (of another brand); then I tried the Lindberg silicone pads and I was still allergic; today I am wearing for the first time their hard plastic pads but they may still have some silicone, as I’m still itchy and unconfortable. The nose prongs are twisted and since this is a brand new pair of frames, I would love them to be as straight as they came. They were so tight that when I attempted to remove these pads, one pad broke. I am now wearing my old Silhouettes with hard plastic oval pads and I am not allergic. Tomorrow I will have to buy a pair of Silhouettes pads, go back for the 3rd time to teh Optometrist for him to try again to straighten everything and open the loops which are overtight. A very sad story…. And I thought anything more expensive would bring less hassles. 😦 Isabel

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