Ørgreen Press Event – Masculine Shapes

Here is a follow-up to the previous post from the Ørgreen Press Event, this time showing some of our favorite masculine shapes.

We especially like the bold lines in the frames, giving a true masculine look with a lot of attitude. Some of the frames are especially good for wide heads and big noses, which isn’t so easy to find all times.

Orgreen OpticsMod. Vincent Col. 155 (beautiful matte finish!)

Orgreen OpticsMod. Dean Col. 388 (left) and 390 (right)

Ogreen OpticsMod. Carter Col. 280

Special collaboration

Ørgreen has merged a mutual mindset with exclusive furniture brand Republic of Fritz Hansen to produce a series of Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs featuring the same Copenhagen skyline design as a special edition collection of eyewear by Ørgreen.

Through this partnership, the similar design values between Ørgreen and Arne Jacobsen are believed to be especially expressed through one of the world’s most iconic designs. This is the first time Arne Jacobsen Swan chair is made in two different materials, wool for the front and black leather for the back. Likely to the København frames, the Swan chair is also available in 5 carefully chosen tones.

Special edition Københaven frames and Swan chairs will be available for purchase directly through Ørgreen/Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair Ørgreen EditionOrgreen OpticsMod. CHP col. 310

SILMO 2012 // Kilsgaard With New Temples

At Silmo I also took the chance to pass by Kilsgaard. I like the way they still keep doing new things within the same concept from which you can clearly identify it’s a Kilsgaard frame without any logos. That’s what I call great design!

What fascinated me the most this year was their improvement on the temples. They now also offer acetate temples, which makes them more adjustable and comfort for the wearer, but what makes it unique is the way they made the acetate look so good together with the front made of steel. Here is an example, where temple and front are having the same color and feel by using a very interesting matte finish on the acetate:

Here is another shape I liked a lot. A good, modern looking female frame:

Some of the models are also available in more colorful combinations:

It was nice meeting you at Silmo!

New Shape from LINDBERG // Strip 9802

LINDBERG Model 9802

Lindberg is now giving their interpretation of the icon frame from the 50’s, probably best known as “Clubmaster”.

It looks really nice! Technology meets retro and retro meets mew materials – we like. As always from Lindberg the frame is very light weight and 100% nonallergic.

Want to know more about Lindberg? Check out (THIS POST) from our archive. 

Meet Danish Kilsgaard // MIDO 2012

Kilsgaard at the MIDO fair 2012!

Danish Kilsgaard – Clean design in matte aluminum.

Some of the frames are also available with temples made of acetate for traditional adjustment possibilities.

I personally love metal frames with an unusual look! Nowadays you can find super cool metal frames. Sometimes it’s the same shape as an acetate one but redone in a metal version – like the frames presented above from Kilsgaard, lovely.

New Lindberg!

The new Lindberg frames reacently arrived! Some are super new and some are new sized and colors. I love the lightness of Lindberg frames.

If you have a problem with acetate frames not sitting well on your nose try Lindberg! They all have nosepads and the nosepads can be changed into larger, smaller, hard or silicone so there should be a pair that fits YOU!

Lindberg Acetate 1014 in two new colors; a beautiful transparent turquise and a three layered soft gray for this stylish round frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1145 is a new  large thin cat shaped frame.

Lindberg Acetate 1011 comes in a new transparent gray color.

Kirsten is a new Rim frame that has a soft feminine version of an aviator. Classy and modern. We chose a pink gold color for this frame but you can choose from about 60 (!) different colors. I really like the hinge made of titanium treads wired around each other. It’s durable, stylish and well made.